Wednesday, July 18, 2012

All Dressed Up

......The names Bond....James Bond.....

That was the first thing that came to mind after I finished my latest experiment :]

I absolutely love tuxes! If I were a guy I would totally wear one all the time for 2 reasons......1) Girls think guys look really good in them and 2).....well guys look really good in them! lol

Hahahah I'm kidding of course (mostly ;) ) But I do think they're very classy and handsome :)

So to start things off all you need is a black and a white striper. It's very easy, but it looks like you spent forever on it! You can of course alter the colors to whatever you want, and even add more details if you wish!

 Step 1: Use your black to make lines that way you can see where your going to put your white and your black. You can make it as wide or as narrow as you want, but make sure you leave enough room for a bow tie!

Step 2: Next you need to start filling it in! You can use a full sized brush, but I just used my stripers because they were already open.. :]

Step 3: Now for the fun part! Make a bow tie by making two triangles with a dot in the middle. Make it any color you want! I chose the classic black, but I thought about making it hot pink :D Then put little dots for the buttons, put on a shiny top coat, and your all dressed up and ready to go :)

See?? I told you it was quick and easy!! This is only my first time trying this, but I can guarantee, Ill be doing it again!!

Try it out and share your success here!! Im looking for some more fan photos!! Good luck! :D