Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July!!! :D

Every year, I always have to do my nails red, white, and blue for the 4th of July. Its a habit, and it makes me feel more festive (without having to wear a flag all that week lol) Most of the time I just do stripes. (creative, right?)  But this year I decided that I needed to do something different........very different :]
  I was experimenting on each of my nails, trying to figure out which one I wanted to do. But then I realized.......I really liked the look of having each of my nails look different! So with that, I painted my left hand in the same designs I did on my right! 

See what I mean? They are all verrrrrrry different (But I love them!) =)

To save you from reading a mile-long post with step-by-step instructions on each of my nails, I figured I would take each nail and kind of explain how I did it, and give you tips if need be. Ready?? Ok, then let it begin :]

With my thumb, I just took my red, white, and blue stripers and made little arcs with them to make swirls... if you were extremely talented and practiced up, you would be able to make the swirls with one stroke of the brush. But this being only my second time making swirls, mine are far from perfect! After I made my swirls, I took my glitter polish and made dots/swirls. I did that mostly, because I love glitter, so when I have the opportunity, you bet Im going to put some glitter on it :]
  With my pointer finger, I put my favorite design of all time: Polka-Dots! I put 2 coats of white as my base and put blue and red dots on it... To give it that sparkle, I put my glitter polish over my dots that I had already made. That way you can still see the red and the blue, but it gives it extra dimension :]

TIP: Hold your brush as straight as you can to make a perfectly round dot. The lighter you press, the smaller the dot. The harder you press, the bigger the dot!
My middle finger (or Mr.Tall Man we call it in Daycare :])  was the hardest one for sure. I used the blue striper and made 2 lines going up and 2 lines going across as the start of my plaid. Then I took my red striper and put it right along the left side of my blue and my white on the right side of my blue. But the trick is, dont put the red and the white across the blue at the cross sections! If you want to try it, then go right ahead, but I like it so much better like this =) And then, to add the sparkle, I put the glitter on the cross sections.

Now my ring finger didnt exactly turn out like I wanted....... It was supposed be an exploding firework, but it ended up looking more like....well.... I dont exactly know! lol But I still think it looks cool, so I kept it :] I used a red as the base color, and used the blue and white stripers to make the lines. I put the glitter only on the blue lines, so that it wouldnt be overly glittery (surprising for me ;) )
And the last one is my pinky, which is my favorite one I think... Mostly because I started with a french tip. But also, because it was so easy! All you do is put a white stripe across the top of your nail, and dont worry if its not straight, your just going to cover most of it anyways. I started with a red and made a slightly curved line going up to make the tail of the firework. Then, to make the top, put as many lines as you like, but make them curve downward, because know.....fall lol Then do the same thing think with the blue, but as you make the line that goes upward, make it curve in the opposite direction. Then put the glitter on top of that and your all good :]

And there it is! My 4th of July look! Try only one of them, or try them all! Send me pics of the ones that you tried or post them on my Facebook Page!
 I'm excited to see what you guys come up with!!!

Thanks for reading this, good luck, and have a great Independence Day!!! :D

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