Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Beginning! :D

  So, today is GRADUATION DAY! Yep, thats right, I am now no longer in high school on May 15th (thank you homeschooling! ;) )
 Well my last assignment I had to do was a book report on a super long book.... which would be no problem because I had a couple of weeks to do it. But, heres the problem..... Im am a procrastinator. Big time. I get distracted very easily, and one of those ways that I get distracted is when I look down at my typing nails and see chips in my polish...
 I am a perfectionist on lot of things, but I think when it comes to my nails, its just bad lol
So of course I have to stop, take my current nail polish off ( gotta find the remover before I start chipping them off!!), and find some crazy design that of course takes me forever to do...
 And then it begins. The research (google images is my friend), asking peoples opinions and of course, looking through my huge basket of nail polish to see if I have the "perfect" colors :] 
 A little while ago, when I was asking for ideas on what to do, my boyfriend asked me if I could possibly do one of his favorite designs.... the John Deere logo. lol
So after some thinking about it, and looking up some pictures, I figured "You know what? Why not!" Im always up for a challenge!
So yesterday, after finding all the the polish I needed, I set to work! And after almost a half hour I came out with this:
 I thought it was pretty good! I only did my thumbs because I had to be somewhere, but this is my left hand (and I am left handed)  and it somehow turned out better then my right hand did! Go figure! :]
 Its definitely not perfect, but it was way better then I ever thought possible! I did it with my yellow striper (nail polish with a very small brush) And just kinda winged it! I thought about making a tutorial, and I probably could it you wanted me too, but its basically just going extremely slow until the nail polish goes where you want it to!

So thanks for reading my rambles! And Ill be putting up different designs and tutorials on how to do them, as I do them :]


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