Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easiest Design.... Ever! :D

Hey, so the other day, I was looking through pictures of nails and found a really cool one that had text on it!! Text!! So I did more research and found out how to do it..... the instructions were not that clear, so I kinda figured it out as I go. So here are some clear instructions ;)

I was looking for some newspaper and tried to find the Style section.... but our paper no longer has it :P Sooo I found a sports section (not my cup of tea).... But I found one that was about Tebow! He's awesome, so I was totally happy to use that story ;) lol Even though, truthfully, it dosent matter what the print says...you cant read it anyways. I just like knowing that what my nails say is something I like =)
So anyways.....

Step 1: After applying a clear base coat, put on 2 coats of your white to give it a crisp background...

 TIP: You may need more than 2 coats, it depends on how thick your white is... you dont want thin spots on this design! 

Step 2: Put 2 more coats of the almost sheer pinkish/orangish color, just so that it makes your nails look worn (in a good way, of course) =)
TIP: Remember that nobodys perfect with their brush skills! So if theres a mess around the edges, then so be it... itll always come off later! Knowing that will relieve the stress of trying to be absolutely perfect!

Step 3: After your nails are completely dry (it should take around 20 minutes for it to be where you want it) 
Dip your nails in the Rubbing Alcohol so that your nail is realllllly wet!

TIP: I just put the Alcohol in its own cover... no need to use a different bowl! 

Step 4: Press the newspaper on your nail with the print that you want facing the nail. Then take a Q-Tip dipped in the Alcohol and run it over the newspaper to make sure that it will transfer. After that, firmly hold the newspaper on your nails for about 10 seconds to make sure that it will stay.
TIP: Make sure that you press all around the nail (without moving it) to have the text be all around your nail.
If you wanted to make a cool fading pattern, just play around with how hard you press the paper onto your nail! (and let me know how it turns out!!)

Step 5: Take the newspaper off, and as soon as it starts to dry, put on a clear top coat!! This seals the ink on your nails, and wont let it fade more then it should! (plus, it makes it nice and shiny ;) )

And your DONE!! This is seriously the easiest design I've done in a loooong time :] Ill definitely be doing this again! 

I hope this was clear enough for you! Give it a try and let me know how it turns out! I can guarantee, you wont be sorry :D



  1. I've seen folks do it with comics from the newspaper also, it's a cute touch.

    1. Yes! Ive heard of people doing that!! I'll have to try it sometime! :D