Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Summer Fever :]

Hey, ya'll!! So a while ago.....before spring even started... I had summer fever. Totally skipped spring fever and went straight to summer lol I'm a warm weather girl :] I love the sunny days and the warm nights where you wear shorts, flip flops, and a huge sweatshirt... The sweet tea, the salads, and of course the fresh fruit :) Ahhhh why cant it be summer right now?? Grrrr, anyways, back to my post lol
So as soon as I got that feeling, I had to do something about it! I couldn't exactly wear shorts and flip flops in at least 3 feet of snow outside, so I got my polish out and set to work :]

So what says summer like watermelons?? I actually hate the taste of watermelon, but I love the smell and of course the looks of them :D

So I actually took step-by-step pictures and I'm gonna explain the best that I ready? K, lets get started :]

First, take the pink/orange of your choice.....Mine is Wet 'n Wild's Dreamy Poppy (such a cute name, right?)and put on 2 coats.
 TIP: Be sure to wait 10-15 minutes between coats, otherwise it just not gonna dry right.
Of course, don't forget to put a coat of clear nail polish before you start anything! You don't want your nails to turn yellow from the dyes in the colored polish! 

Next: Take a lime or a bright green.... mines Sally Hanson's X-treme Nail Wear's Green With Envy....and put a stripe on the tips of your nails (1 or 2 coats, it depends on how dark you want it) It doesn't have to be a perfect line, because your gonna cover the bottom anyways. 

TIP: Let them dry FULLY before you start the next step... believe me, its a mess if you don't!

I took them as soon as I painted them, so please excuse the messy edges, I always clean them up when its said and done. 

Ok, now's where you gotta bring out your steadiest hand... or, if your worried, have someone else try it for you =) 
 Your gonna need your white striper for the rind. (remember the polish with the tiny brush) And run it right underneath the green, or on top of it if your stripe is kinda off.
TIP: You can paint it in however many strokes you need, as long as you like the end result! I started on the opposite side of my nail and pulled it towards me, in one stroke =)

My white striper is Kiss Nail Art's White ( it came in a set with black and silver )

And last but not least, most watermelons have seeds, so you gotta do seeds!
 In order to make them, grab your black striper and make vertical lines under your white stripe :]
TIP: Start the line where you want the seeds to end (like mid-nail) And pull the brush upwards. It helps give it a teardrop look and it gives you better control over the size/length.
Clean up your mess with some nail polish remover on a Q-tip (or you could just wait until you next take a shower.... the extra will fall right off) 
Put a clear coat on top to seal and you have Summer ready nails!! (even if its not summer out lol)
TIP: Please, please, please, wait at least an hour before showering or doing something that would scratch your nails!

Finished product!! :D

Every time I looked down at my nails, I felt soooo much happier..... and coincidentally a tad bit warmer ;) 
Hope you enjoyed learning how to make watermelons! And remember: Have fun with it!! It shouldn't be a chore, but a nice relaxing getaway from the world :D

Questions?? Just comment, and Ill answer :]


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